Information of Handling Fee Increase

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Dear customers,

We regret to inform you that we need to rise our handling fee. Right
now our fees are cheaper than anywhere else, but it’s getting harder
to operate activities in this way. Due to the rising cost of packaging
materials, it became impossible for us to maintain the same price.

We have been working to reduce cost for the manufacturing process but
right now it’s not possible to compensate the price increase without a
rise in our fees.

Thus, we would like to inform you that from next month the prices will
increase as following. We appreciate your understanding.

 under 2,999JPY           500JPY
 3,000 ~ 4,999JPY        750JPY
 5,000 ~ 9,999JPY        15% of Total price
 10,000 ~ 19,999JPY    14% of Total price
 20,000 ~ 29,999JPY    13% of Total price
 30,000 ~ 39,999JPY    12% of Total price
 40,000 ~ 49,999JPY    11% of Total price
 50,000 ~ 59,999JPY    10% of Total price
 over 60,000JPY             9% of Total price

From 2018
 under 1,599JPY           500JPY
 1,600 ~ 2,999JPY      700JPY
 3,000 ~ 4,999JPY        850JPY
 5,000 ~ 9,999JPY        17% of Total price
 10,000 ~ 19,999JPY    16% of Total price
 20,000 ~ 29,999JPY    15% of Total price
 30,000 ~ 39,999JPY    14% of Total price
 40,000 ~ 49,999JPY    13% of Total price
 over 50,000JPY           12% of Total price

Of course, handling fees for goods ordered within 2017 will not change.

Kind regards.
OTFNippon team


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